About Us

Malama Puuloa is the primary program of Hui o Ho‘ohonua

Hui O Ho‘ohonua (HOH808) is a 501c3 non-profit, community-development networking organization. HOH808 serves as a centralized hub that will initiate and maintain a community network connecting all levels of the community to accomplish sustainable community development.  For example we started the Mālama Pu‘uloa movement which includes the complete restoration of sacred Pu‘uloa (Pearl Harbor) and all that she touches. This includes the streams, marshes, and the restoration of the historic Kapapapuhi Point Park. Our primary goal is to end the perpetuation of historical trauma to the land, water, and people.

Mission Statement
Impossible Is Where We Start


Core Strategies

Nā Hopena Ā`o - teaching and learning.  We humbly acknowledge that we have a lot to learn and have a responsibility to share what we learn with our community.

Hana - work and that which feeds the soul.  We serve our community and believe in the value of working on the ground alongside our community members and partners.

Pilina - binding together and connected.  We create and value partnerships as our goals require the work of many.  We also value nurture the relationships within our organization.


Core Values
Faith- HOH808 shall maintain the faith of a child in accomplishing the impossible.
Honor- HOH808 shall honor every citizen with dignity and selfless service.
Integrity- HOH808 shall conduct business ethically and professionally.

About Our Name

Hui o Ho`ohonua

"hui" - a group of people united for a purpose

"ho`ohonua" - making the earth (that which sustains us) pono (setting things to right - as they should be)

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Watch the video below to see a key way in which we work.   

Mahalo to our Blue Zones partner for creating it!


Check us out at HOH808.org or Facebook