History of Pu`uloa

Research completed by Hawaiian scholars tells us that pre-contact Pu`uloa was a primary food production area and a seat of political power for the island of O`ahu.

Mahalo to Nohopapa Hawaii for this research

  • Historical maps indicate extensive lo`i kalo (taro growing) and fishponds (aquaculture) in 1873

  • Western contact and extensive sugar cultivation created drastic changes in food production by 1927

  • Sugar cultivation persisted, small homesteads developed at Kapapapuhi point and some fishponds were still managed by 1954

  • Non-native mangrove was introduced to Hawai`i and planted extensively on many shorelines including Pu`uloa.  Growth of mangrove is apparent by 1968

  • Expansion of invasive mangrove obscures fishponds,  sugar cultivation and homesteads persist by 1977

  • Extensive housing development, the West Loch Golf Course and shoreline park created and Kapapapuhi Point residents were displaced by 1993

  • Proliferation of invasive mangrove along the shoreline and off-shore islands apparent  and progressive  1994-2016