Tony Chance 

Founder & CEO

Retired United States Navy Seabee Senior Chief
Graduate of the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa with a Bachelor's and Master's in Social Work.

As a resident of Ewa, I walk my dogs along the shoreline of Pu`uloa every morning.  When I see rubbish, weeds and brown water I know I have been called to do something about it.  As a Navy veteran, I believe my mission continues - to heal traumatized land and traumatized people.

Sandy Ward

Co-Founder &

Executive Director

Mālama Pu'uloa Program

Masterʻs in Science Education, Lewis and Clark College

Retired public teacher with 35 years of experience connecting students to place-based, project-based, inquiry-based learning.

As someone who has been a teacher in Mililani 25 years, and worked with youth all over 'Ewa, I want to create pathways to a better future for them - a future that allows them to eat fish and taro harvested in Pu'uloa.  I want to grow the next generation of Hawaiian leaders who use the wisdom of the past and are empowered to change the future.

Bert Weeks

Assistant Director

Mālama Pu`uloa Program

Masterʻs of Advanced Studies, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

I grew up in Waiau, overlooking Pu'uloa but only recently realized its history - how important it was as a resource to the whole island of Oahu. As a member of the 'Ewa community, I feel a kuleana to take care of a highly damaged ecosytem and return it back to ʻāina  momona.

John Lafferty


Chief Financial Officer

Former U.S. Marine and Civil Engineer in the U.S. Navy. Business Intelligence Engineer, at Booz Allen Hamilton
MBA in Business Analytics, MS in Finance

Iʻm am very happy in my career but I donʻt have an opportunity to give back to the the environment.  My involvement in HOH808 allows me to that. And my love for my two daughters motivates me in all that I do.

Heath Todd

Co-Founder & Advisor

Doctor of Science, Baylor University

Independent Christian Apologetics Speaker

Retired Army Officer, Physical Therapist, University and High School Teacher

I am involved with HOH808 because Tony's vision for the organization is to make a substantive difference for the community. Hui O Hoʻohonua is an organization of action; by calloused hands and sweat of the brow the volunteers, staff and administration accomplish remarkable tasks. I am part of HOH808 because we are an ʻohana where compassion meets motivation and it's where doing the right thing because it needs to be done doesn't get passed on - it gets picked up!   

Aulii Silva

Board Member

M.Ed., University of Redlands

Grants Research and Program Development Specialist, Leeward Community College

I committed to HOH808 and Mālama Puʻuloa because I've worked near the shoreline of Keawalauopuʻuloa for over 20 years and lived in this district for most of these.  Someday, with enough mālama of this ʻāina, I hope to see the rivers flow into these lochs without trash and invasive plants as they did before militarization and industrialization. Also, Tony Chance was one of the "brightest shining star" students of my whole career! 

Jeffrey Pantaleo

Board Member

MA, San Diego State University

Archaeologist, US Navy

I committed to HOH808 and Mālama Puʻuloa because I wish to share my experience in restoring and protecting cultural resources in Pearl Harbor including the restoration of Loko Paʻaiau (Hawaiian Fishpond - click here to learn more)

Ikaika Lum

Board Chair

Bachelors in Hawaiian Language and Studies, University of Hawaii 

Kulāiwi Nani Restoration Director/Mālama Loko Ea Foundation

I call Mililani and Māʻili my home and both, shaped me into the person I am today with a strong and loving `Ewa ohana as the foundation setters. As a kanaka living in the uplands of ʻEwa, I am first greeted by Kaʻala and the Koʻolau while Ke awa lau ʻo Puʻuloa awaits to embrace me as I make my way down Waipiʻo. Puʻuloa has been and continues to be affected by the many environmental factors caused by the modern necessities of today's society. Stories upon stories remind us of the abundance of resources the awa lau provided and continues to provide to ko ʻEwa (the people of ʻEwa). I embark on this journey with the many others who have the same passion to see to the restoration and care of this beloved place, mai uka a i kai, for the benefit of future generations.

Anuschka Faucci, PhD

Board Member

PhD in Zoology, Specialization in Ecology, Evolution & Conservation Biology, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Place-based Learning Coordinator at UH Leeward CC

As a marine biologist and educator I have spent most of my career trying to inspire the next generation to become stewards of these beautiful islands. I have been involved in many mālama ʻāina-based organizations, lead and taught place-based outreach events, workshops and courses for K-12 and undergraduate students as well as teachers. In my current position at Leeward CC I am connecting community organizations around Puʻuloa, schools and faculty and students at Leeward CC to provide more meaningful, place-based experiences inside and outside of the classroom. Being part of HOH808 allows me to apply all my experiences in scientific research, education and outreach. I am very excited and honored to be part of such an inspiring organization with a vision to move towards a more sustainable and healthy Puʻuloa.

Kim Falinski, PhD, PE

Board Member

PhD - Tropical Plant and Soil Science, UH Manoa

MSc - Biological and Environmental Engineering, Cornell

Affiliate Faculty, Water Resource Research Center, UH Manoa

Science Advisor, The Nature Conservancy


I am passionate about restoring traditional fishpond and agricultural systems in Hawai'i, and am excited to be a part of the restoration efforts in Pu'uloa.  I hope to bring my experience working with communities to collect better water quality data in collaboration with the Department of Health so that we can better measure how well we are doing.  For the last four years, I've been privileged to work with Kako'o O'iwi in He'eia to establish the benefits for lo'i and fishponds to create a thriving people and place.  I look forward to seeing Pu'uloa blossom again with the attention of so many interested partners, so that future students can feel that connection between water and life.

Crystal Dombrow

Mālama Pu`uloa Program

Masterʻs of Advanced Studies - Scrips Institution of Oceanography UCSD

Growing up, I felt deeply connected to the land I live on and to the ocean. I believe we can live in balance with our natural world and thrive. I love that I get to share my values with my community here in Hawai’i and help restore Pu'uloa to her abundant beauty.

We Live and Work in `Ewa