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300 Ewa Makai Middle School Students Led by 20 Mililani High School Students Visit Kapapapuhi

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

300 Ewa Makai Middle School 8th graders, supported by several enthusiastic teachers, several adult volunteers and one amazing principal, visited Kapapapuhi Point Park for a day of place-based learning. If youʻre not already amazed by this post, these young visitors were rotated and lead through 8 learning stations by 20 volunteer Mililani High School student leaders. Students learned olelo and mo`olelo Hawaii (Hawaiian language and important stories), removed native species, propagated and out-planted native ground cover species, picked up marine debris and learned about pollution in the food web with a fun game of tag. The combined effort of all involved resulted in almost 1/3 of an acre of cleared mangrove, the removal of thousands of pieces of plastic and hundreds of native ground cover plants out-planted to help prevent polluted run-off from going into the waters of Pu`uloa. Ho`omaika`i to everyone involved!

Mililani High School alaka`i (leaders) slept in the Ewa Makai Middle School library to be at their field stations on time!