`Āina-Based Education

We welcome groups of all ages to learn at Kapapapuhi

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Pardon us while we are updating all of our educational activities at this time

Pardon us while we work to revise all of our educational activities.

We are adapting all activities to accommodate home school and virtual learning options.

Key Strategy in Action: Nā Hopena Ā`o (HĀ) – teaching and learning. 

We humbly acknowledge that we have a lot to learn and have a responsibility to share what we learn with our community.

Our lessons offer a means to integrate HĀ into learning at every age –

a goal of the D.O.E. 2030 Promise Plan and a goal of HOH808

Kapapapuhi:  Before You Visit

What do you need to do before visiting with a group?

Kilo Vision

Learn how to kilo: 

Observe, predict, make connections, gain wisdom

Aliens Among Us

Which plants are invasive?

Why should we remove invasive species?

Growing Native Plants

Why are native plants important? How can you grow them?

Mo`olelo: Ancestral Wisdom

How can Hawaiian stories passed down over generations help us now?

Canʻt Eat the Fish?

How does pollution impact the food web in Pu`uloa and where does it come from?

Itʻs All About Rubbish

Why do we care?

Where does it come from?

What can we do about it?

Navigating Your Ahupua`a

What are the key landmarks and Hawaiian place names in your area?

Speaking Up

How can your voice and opinions effect change?

Future Vision

What do you want to see at Pu`uloa 25, 50, and 100 years from now?

Bugs are Everywhere!

Insects are all around us – Do they help, harm or both?

For the Birds

What birds are present, why are the special and what can they tell us?

Help us grow the next generation of `Ewa Leaders!


These activities were created for implementation with student or teacher leaders

in a rotation at Kapapapuhi Point Park.

Most activities are easily adaptable to other sites, including school campuses and backyards.

We invite you to modify these lessons to best serve your group and are

available for limited consultation to help you customize curriculum.

Our small educational staff is 

available for classroom visits and can help train staff and/or student leaders.

Email our educational specialist